I will go straight to the point and not waste your time, I know you are a busy business person looking for ways to improve sales more than ever.

 I am a copywriter, I write sales copies, run email campaigns, landing pages and Facebook ads

I write top notch sales letters that will produce a higher percentage of your profits right now

And my services are on either payments or royalties attached to the sales my writing is able to produce for you.

So that’s me.


1.       With a compelling sales copy, anyone who reads about your business automatically becomes an ideal customer and isn’t that what you want? To make more money of course.

2.       During the conversion process of readers to clients, my experienced email campaigns would reach out to them in the sole aim of making them buy your service and it would include checking on them with a constant reminder of why they should get your service or products immediately.

3.       I am able to create a Facebook ad that will catch the attention of the ideal paying client/customer you have been looking for and if the ad is ran for a longer period of time with regular changes to make it more attractive, there’s is no doubt that you won’t get flood of customers begging you to take their money.

4.       Conversion Landing Page; I add the word “conversion” because the landing page I will write for you will bring the clients directly to customers list, to pay and receive your services as soon as you have them available.


If after running the sales campaign with you and you don’t get the returns, we (you and I) have bargained for in a period of time then I am liable to return back a certain percentage we (You and I) will agree on.


In the market, there is always someone somewhere willing or striving to be better at what you are providing for the public and this is a struggle you as a business person will face till forever.

But that’s not a sad thing because there are ways in dealing with the competition and the one, I must recommend for you is CREATIVITY.

When you show to the market how constantly creative you can be then it is going to be a joyride (at least for the most part of it) and I don’t mean you should create new products or services every month, HELL NO.

What I mean is that with my skills I am able to recreate in the markets eye the same service or products you have been rendering for any amount of time you have been in the business and the best part of is, I am able to do it for you for a long time that is if I am on a monthly retainer.

I feel we both share one goal, right?

And that is to make more money than we can ever imagine, so if you are interested about making more sales from extreme copywriting you can send a message to the mail in my description where you can also see an example of a sales copy, I have written for one of my prospective clients.