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  1. One(1) Year *.com.ng Domain name and Hosting
  2. Three (3) personal emails, eg. [email protected]
  3. Full Search engine Visbility; SEO
  4. One Year Hosting
  5. Six (6) Beautifully Designed pages 
  6. And … Of course, Website + Blog
  7. One month Free support
  8. WordPress

How do I get it?!!

  1. Tell us what name you’d like as domain name
  2. Send your logos, a few product images
  3. A text file detailing name of products and prices
  4. Three (3) usernames, for your personalized email, eg; [email protected] or [email protected]

All must be submitted before commencement

Remember, most of your site design comes from your logo as we feel that’s what represents you best

Note: We charge N2500 hourly fee for **hosting and technical support. Don’t want this? Please contact us and we would discuss the alternative.
*If you wish for a .com instead, we can also arrange that
**Applicable after first free month for every hour support is given, 
**4 days of Development Inclusive