Why do you need a branded email? 

Every business is a branded entity and should communicate as such, so get a [email protected] for the very sake of professionalism.

*Even without a website!!!!


  • Would you provide Domain Name? – Yes, of your choosing of course
  • Must it be .com.ng? – No!! Although .com, .org, .ng etc. may cost significantly more
  • How Many addresses do I get? – Fifteen (15), and they maybe whatever you choose eg; [email protected]yourcompany.com.ng, [email protected]yourcompany.com.ng, [email protected]yourcompany.com.ng etc. Your Choice!!
  • How Do I access my emails? – On your mobile phone at your convenience, I can walkyou through the setup
  • Further Questions? – Lets Get talking

*I do strongly suggest you get a website