I am oba_art and in this midu, i will produce for high-quality visual designs–from concept to execution, including those for desktop, web, and mobile devices at a variety of resolutions (icons, graphics, and marketing materials). Create and iterate on assets that reflect a brand, enforce a language, and inject beauty and life into a product, i will be providing you with the following services

  1. Creation of an aesthetic UI

here i will design for you your UI with the provided information concerning the design either for a phone display or for a desktop it will be delivered to you either in psd,jpeg,png or HTML format for easy previewing

2 . Correction of UI
I also offer you correction of an already done UI from another designer

3 . Revision of UI
This is virtually unlimited as i will continue to tweak the design till it fit to your taste

4 . Wireframe design

creating a frame work for your website and app with its various functionalities in place