I will ensure that customers beg you to take their money and you’ll experience breakthrough sales in exchange for your product  with my copywriting skills. 

Why Does Your Business Need My Copywriting Skills? 

Because my skill is the only important factor that keeps a business running. 

It’s my ability to sell.

Anything you bring to the market, making sure people bring out their wallet or card and pay for what you’re offering. 

You could have a great product and people may still not be interested in buying with you.

With my skill, I go deep into your ‘Perfect Customer’s’ head… 

Make him believe your product is the only option he has with my sharp persuasive techniques 

Till he makes a purchase from you.

That is what I can do for you.

I can make sure that each time your ideal customer sees your product, he’ll surely make a purchase. 

And that my friend, is profits for you.

Isn’t that what you want? 

Sales? Profits? Returns on ad spent? 

Why Should You Hire Me? 

✔️ I can help you get PROFITABLE results fast from any Advertising campaign with my writing skills.

✔️ I also can help you run Facebook ads, that will generate high conversions and low ad spends with the Super Facebook targeting tool. 

✔️ I also have vast knowledge and experience in building Landing pages that convert leads to paying customers. 

✔️ Even after building landing pages, I can help you also run converting email campaigns. Here, I follow the people who showed interest in your business with emails and making sure they make a purchase from you. 

✔️ I also can create, fix your sales funnel, the whole journey and process it takes a customer to buy from you. 

✔️ My knowledge of business automation. I can make your business running 24/7 without you attending to it and yet it still printing money for you. 

You can check out a sample advertising copy I ran for a digital product here

Ready To Get Results? 

I know you’re ready, I’m giving you a list of options, flexible for you to choose from according to your budget. 

Gold Plan: Sales copy only 

Here I’ll write a compelling, irresistible sales copy for you that will attract potential  buyers to product and increase your sales to the roof. 

Silver Plan: Sales copy + Facebook Advertising 

After writing a compelling sales copy for you, I’ll also help you set your Facebook Ad campaign, where I make sure your target interest is looking at your product, buys from you and produce  high conversion and you’ll spend a low  Ad budget

Platinum Plan: Sales copy + Facebook Advertising + Email marketing 

Once I set up your Facebook advert and write a sales copy for you, I’ll also create an email list for you of people who are interested in your product or service, setup the best email marketing tools for your business and close the people who are yet to buy from you through email, leading to more sales without any budget on Ad. 

Ruby Plan: Sales copy + Facebook Ad + Email marketing + Sales funnel 

After writing a sales copy, running Facebook ad campaign and email marketing, I can build a sales funnel for your business. 

A sales funnel is the purchase journey in which your potential customer go through when making a purchase from you. It consist of series of webpage like Upsells, downsells, front end offer, back-end offers etc. 

Let’s talk better for more knowledge on sales funnel, all companies use sales funnels. 

All plans are negotiable and may be subject to change based on specific tasks. 

They also come with a Money back guarantee. 

If you don’t like my service, I will apologize for wasting your time and refund you your hard earned money, prompt and courteously.

So what are you waiting for… 

Click the Order button or Send me a message to run a FREE consultation on your business. 

Let’s get the results you want  together. 

For more information on the various extra services, you can message me