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Here is a glimpse of Ifeoluwadife’s article that challenges the stereotypic celebration of February 14 Valentine’s day

….Inquisitively, one wonders what kind of love is Valentine’s Day instituted upon, indeed Valentine’s Day is marked out amidst all other days to celebrate boundless, limitless love and uphold Saint Valentine’s notion that everyone deserves to love and be loved……….


…….How can love be renewed on valentine’s day, is it all about spending lavishly for your lover in other to make him or her feel special and what is the rational explanation of the stereotypic responsibility of spending, giving on valentine’s day by males to the female lovers; can’t the female spend or spoil their male lovers with gifts?…………


This article is titled ‘Boundless Love’ as it boundlessly reveals the stereotypical responsibilities ladened with valentine’s day celebration  and challenges the status quo