Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions we get asked everyday.

Would I pay before delivery

Yes! You make payment before your project can begin, but not to the seller. Your payment is kept securely by Miduman and is only released after you confirm the delivery of your project.

How do I make payments?

Click on the ORDER NOW button and select a method of payment (Bank transfer, ATM Card payment, GTB 737, USSD, Visa QR payments- Paystack). 

Do I have to open two separate accounts for buying and selling?

No! We love to keep things SIMPLE. You can buy or sell services with one account.

How does MIDUMAN work?

Miduman is a freelance community- you can hire freelancers for projects like web design, mobile app development, graphics design etc. or post a service to get hired

I can’t find the service I am looking for?

Then Post your project using recruit feature and freelancers would bid for it.

Why Should Buyers Pay Commission Fees?

This Commission helps us settle the payment processing fees and other administrative fees incurred for every transaction.

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The Freelancer ask me to pay to his bank account?

We STRONGLY advice that you do not pay directly to any freelancer. We can’t gurantee the safety of such payments. It isagainst the terms & conditions of our community – Defaulters would be removed

Are Payments with my ATM Card secure?

Our card processing company (paystack) is PCI-DSS Compliant. Your card information is encrypted & 100% secure.

Must I create an account to use this platform?

Yes! you need to be registered as a user to use this website app and community.

What are Verified Jobs?

Sellers are able to Request Job Verification after successful completion of 5 or more Orders, by submitting certain Legal Requirements that help us confirm the Validity of their Service.

What are Commission Fees?

Commission fees are of two types; one we take from buyers when paying for an order and the other from freelancers after completing a project (5% and 20% respectively).

Why Should Sellers Pay Commission Fees?

This is where we make our profits, to sustain this wonderful initiative, it covers maintenance, salaries, upgrades, etc.

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