How to Use Miduman

Miduman is a freelance community, you can hire a freelancer, recruit freelancers or get hired as a freelancer (or both).

Buy a Service or Midu

You can hire a freelancer for a project by browsing through our service categories or making a search on the website – you may find the service you are looking for and purchase it. 

Recruiting Freelancers

We know that all projects are not made equally, some projects involve more technicalities than others. If you have such project, you can post your project details and get multiple freelancers to bid for it.

When using recruit feature, you can optionally hire more than one freelancer at the same time (for very large projects).

Rate Freelancer Performance

Give valuable feedback about a freelancers performance to help other buyers make informed decision. It also incentives freelancers to give their best work for every project!

The Freelance Hub Made Just for you

Miduman houses some of the best features of a freelance community. It has all the features you need to get quality projects delivered at your convinience. 


Instant Messaging -Chat

Communication is key for getting the best of your project. Discuss with your freelancer right on the website platform.


Find Any Service

With over 350+ Expert freelancers offering a wide range of services, you can find freelancers for any project you have.

Never Loose Your Money

You can hire with peace of mind. Your payments are kept until the project is complete. Funds are released with your permission. 

Saves You Money

Prices of services here are the lowest you would ever find. More than 77% lower than prices elsewhere. This is Guaranteed!


(PCI-DSS) Payment Security

All our payment methods (bank, card, USSD, etc.) are fully secured -PSI-DSS certified. Your transaction details are secured with us.

Never Loose Your Data

Your data, project information won’t get lost. Our platform is operated from a cloud hosting facility. We are always online.

Simplicity for Everything

We have built the platform to be simple to use, from instant chats to payments we guarantee you would find it simple & exciting to use

Any Payment Option you want

We accept direct bank deposit / transfers and Card, GTB 737, Visa QR, Mobile Money, Pay with your Bank options. Pay as you like!

FREE Community & Support

Instant access to premium resource from Industry Experts to position yourself for success in your industry and 24/7 support from the MIDUMAN team.

Get Hired for a project

If you have a service you can deliver, expertly?
Post the service (midu) and buyers may hire you, if your Midu description & reviews (from past buyers) can convince them about your abilities. 

"Excellent platform, fast in service and reliable. The Two Orders I made on the platform were delivered within the time frame. Client's fund is very safe with the company when purchasing a freelance service from a freelancer. The platform is as good as any other reliable platform out there"

Gerald Aguh

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